made-in-italyItaly is the country of good taste, of style, of beauty. “Italy” is a recognized brand, appreciated and desired. People all over the world want to drink Italian wines and taste the delicious foods of our land.

CLASSICAITALIANA is a online service, quickly and easily accessible, with a careful selection of the best products from the “Bel Paese”. By simply completing the form available on the site, a foreign network operator will be put in contact with published and non-published partner companies.

CLASSICAITALIANA is a new portal aimed at promoting Italian companies operating in the food & beverage sector, who enter into a collaboration agreement with Edoardo Meazza – Public Relations and Communication.

The products and services are delivered and paid directly to contracted companies, at their sole discretion and responsibility.



Review of fine wines from Piemonte

Coffee. The magic in a legend

He who loves it just can’t do without it!  We are talking about coffee, of course. In Italy, as...


THE Italian cheese par excellence, produced in Parma, Reggio Emilia, Moderna, Bologna and Mantua....

Cosa è «Made in Italy» (e cosa no)

È uno dei primi brand conosciuti e apprezzati al mondo, il marchio di un saper fare che ci...
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