He who loves it just can’t do without it!  We are talking about coffee, of course.

In Italy, as well as almost everywhere else in the world, coffee is the first embrace we enjoy each morning, a burst of energy when we feel down, a nice pretext to meet friends or a break between a busy schedule and so much more.

The first proofs of this special drink – which is obtained by milling beans growing on types of small tropical trees belonging to the Coffea fami y  –  date back to the fifteenth century,  although there are stories dating back to 900-1000 AD where coffee was mentioned.

There are so many legends accompanying the origin of coffee.

The most well-known tells of an Ethiopian goatherder named Kaldi. One day, his herd came across a coffee plant.  His goats became curious and began to eat the berries and chew the leaves. Once the night came, the poor animals began to wander about the land instead of sleeping, with an energy and liveliness never shown before.  Noting this, the goathereder searched for the reason. He tried to toast the beans his goats had eaten and then milled them. He made an infusion, and what he obtained was pure coffee.

Although the true origins of coffee seem to put their roots on the Abyssinian highlands, there are many other stories told by travellers, that testify how diffused the use of coffee was around the whole Islamic East during the late sixteenth century.  However, in the Western hemisphere Italy is considered to be the first country par excellence where this powerful drink has spread.  Coffee can soothe your body, freeing it from sleep and tiredness.

In fact, it was in 1640 that the first “Coffee Shop” opened in Venice, perhaps following a smaller shop that had opened in Livorno.  In any case, the success was immediate and since then and up to the present day, both consumption and production have spread throughout the whole world.  Today drinking a cup of coffee is a not only popular but also a pleasant habit.