CLASSICAITALIANA is a new portal aimed at promoting Italian companies operating in the food & beverage sector carefully selected according to high standards of quality and reliability.
It is a channel of easy contact between foreign companies and Italian operators which offers a selection of the best products from the “Bel Paese”.

By completing the form found on the site, the foreign operator expresses an interest in one or more products on the site.The requests shown by the interested parties will be forwarded to the participating companies in CLASSICAITALIANA (already featured on the site or about to be).

CLASSICAITALIANA is a showcase site whose sole purpose is to promote high quality, Italian products.
Edoardo Meazza, owner of the domain and site, carries out public relations and communication activities within the company agreement, he is not a member of staff or has any intermediary business with companies in the Convention and operates completely independently.

The products and services for which the foreign operator expresses an interest, are provided and paid directly to contracted companies, with their sole discretion and responsibility and in accordance with agreements concluded directly off line between the foreign operator and the company.

CLASSICAITALIANA has no interest in these transactions and takes no responsibility for these operations.