Authentic Taste

This is an Italian company Producer of mushrooms, in particular, the king oyster mushroom. Use of cultivation methods to ‘vanguard that allow the management of short, active cycles throughout the’ year, so it has a Natural Product. After a ‘careful selection of strains, the mushrooms are processed without undergoing changes and cut by hand before baking. For its product ‘s excellence it uses, only Extra Virgin d’ Olive harvest from their own funds.

Here high quality speak the language of the tradition from which he draws the values and tastes. The workmanship is exclusively handmade, from the collection of the raw material labeling the individual jar. The cultivation of our raw material is the most delicate stage of the production process. Peats are chosen and selected depending on the strains that are going to grow.

After 15 days of the implementation of the substrates, we proceed to the collection of the raw material. The mushrooms are collected with utmost care and attention, making sure that the primary product is not stressed. Vegetables, grown exclusively in our area, are carefully selected in the fields and immediately conferred in processing laboratori.  All our range is preserved in 100% extra virgin olive oil cold pressed.