Drink healty Drink BIO

Since 1920 our sodas are among the favorite ones in Sicily, because they represent the authentic taste of this amazing island. We prepare them, than as now, with simple and unique ingredients to maintain their authentic taste. Only juices from the best citrus ripened under the Sicilian sun, the water from the near volcano Etna, rich in minerals with an imitable taste, and out process, always the same over time, using the traditional method of slow flavorings as our secret family recipe wants.

Linea BIO

General description:From the ancient tradition, we’ve created 7 new organics products which remind us about the fragrances, the harmony and the colors of Sicily: organic juice from Sicilian citruses, Etna water, organic cane sugar, only natural flavorings and essential oils, not too sweet, not too carbonated. Our BIO line is the first project in the Sicilian citrus industry with a controlled chain, thanks to a collaboration with the citrus district of Sicily, Producers Association PGI branded Red Orange of Sicily, Producers Association PGI branded Syracuse Lemon, Producers Association D.O.P. branded Orange of Ribera.
Tastes & Formats:Blood Orangeade, Orangeade, Lemonade, Tangerine, Chinotto, Gassosa and Cola, packaged in 25 cl (8.45 fl.oz) x 4 glass bottles.

Linea Deliziosa & Autentica

General description:A wide range of nine flavors, ranging from the iconic Blood Orange and Lemon to the traditional Chinotto and Spuma to the intriguing Green Tangerine and Pomegranate. A “perfect size bottle” (275 ml), wrapped with a premium retrò label, designed by a leading Italian agency.

Superior taste, with a juice content (16%) higher than category standards. A proposition aimed at customers who want to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

Tastes & FormatsBlood Orangeade, Orangeade, Lemonade, Green Tangerine, Chinotto, Gazzosa, Spuma, Citron and Pomegranate, packaged in 27,5 cl (9.30 fl.oz) x 4 glass bottles.