Flavors from Sicily

The family has always produced the Extra-vergin Olive Oil and accounts among its olive plantations even olive trees aged four hundred years. It’s located in the Caltagirone territory, extends on part of the Iblei Mountain hills at an altitude of 240 meters above the sea level, and has benne producing first class Extra-vergin Olive oil for over three generations.

This year the product earned the Biologicert Certification. Oil is obtained exclusively from the olive varieties: Carolea, Oglialora, Cetrara, Moresca, cultivated in our territory.

The harvesting is anticipated to the beginning of October, the olives are picked manually and accurately selected, transported in wooden cases and processed within few hours in the olive oil mill located not far from the farm just to ensure the best taste result.
The milling is made by cold pressing inside traditional crushers, squeezing in process and natural settling, obtaining thus an oil which, not being exposed to high temperatures, maintains unaltered its benefit and healthy proprieties.