Flavors from Puglia


Dense and full bodied, is distinguished by its fruity green notes of medium intensity. In the mouth it offers bitterness with an average touch of spiciness. Herbaceous nuances characterize its aromas, which are dominated by strong green notes: green herbs, artichokes and other vegetables. For use with roasted meat, grilled vegetables, bruschetta, pizza and full-flavored sauces. Use as a condiment for game, meat or beef carpaccio.


Fine and harmonious, with the definite aroma of the fresh olive. The taste is delicate with herbaceous notes, well balanced and full-bodied. Its soft, fine and harmonious taste, makes it a perfect dressing for any fish dishes, white meat, red meat and also on vegetables.


The Fior d’o is the NOVELLO, a young unfiltered oil obtained by cold pressing olives that are not quite mature and harvested in the autumn.This method allows the oil to have a ‘just-pressed’ taste by conserving the precious pulp residues, giving a simply unique taste. Unfiltered, bright green, bitter and spicy, with a strong aroma of fresh milled olives and rich in vegetable smell.

This oil is particularly suitable for a condiment for bruschetta, soups of legumes and cereals, red meat and grilled vegetables.


Bitter and spicy taste, well balanced. Medium Fruity. Pleasant notes of fresh almond and artichokes leaf. Its perfume and balanced taste, make it a perfect in cooking to give flavor and digestibility to your dishes. Ideal as dressing on vegetables, pasta, land food, pizza and bruschetta.


Intense fruity, with pleasant bitter and spicy notes, in a perfect harmony with rich vegetables smell and persistent aromatic notes. Herbaceous aftertaste of almonds and artichokes. Excellent as a dressing on grilled meats, frying dishes, legumes soups and on vegetables.